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The whole process of the card sleeve joint
1. The card connector in handling and storage process should avoid the impact and fall, so as not to damage the interface and internal parts.
2. As much as possible to install the machine concentric, to ensure that the rotation of the joint operation of the joint.
3. Threaded connection of the rotary card connector in the installation, should pay attention to the internal and external pipe thread to whether the rotation direction of the roller, and the internal and external pipe thread rotation should also be consistent.
4. The connection between the connector and the pipe, must use the hose connection (our company recommend the use of a good disturbance of the metal hose), the absolute prohibition of rigid connection.
5. The card connector of the mouth as directly as possible with the hose connection. In order to reduce the card sleeve joint auxiliary weight, prolong the service life.
6. The card sleeve joint inner tube assembly, pay attention to the size of the support and weight of the auxiliary support. The fit of the inner tube and the joint of the inner rotary joint is recommended to use the tolerance fit of H8/e7.
7. The support and stop of the card connector should be appropriate, the general rod diameter should be less than the 2mm, so as not to affect the free adjustment and compensation of the rotary joint.
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